On March 14, 1987, PT. Trimitra Karya Mandiri (TKM) open its doors to the public for the first time.  Specializing in the application of aluminum doors and windows, our company had two simple business objectives: 1) be the best choice in aluminum & metal based products; and 2) build an organization based on commitment, excellence, and integrity.

TKM first began receiving recognition in the 90s when it introduced its own aluminum product line Lovera and Sequra.  Lovera was designed to be an adjustable multi-panel roofing system for exterior areas.  Sequra, a screen door/window, was built with the intent of allowing air ventilation to come inside the house while still maintaining its security from intrusion.  TKM would later on introduce 2 additional product lines in Aldora and Giano.  Perfect for enhancing and securing a carport, Aldora was designed to be a double-layered folding garage door.  The other product, Giano, helped to redefine the meaning of luxurious homes in Indonesia with its European touch.

Not much has changed since TKM first open for business.  Our company still continues to operate under the same 2 principles.  While the times have changed, believing and practicing under these philosophies have allowed our company to operate with stability and continuously expand in Indonesia.  Today, not only is our company dedicated to the application of the 4 products alone, we have become a manufacturer and applicator of other aluminum doors, windows, garage doors, curtain walls, canopies, shower screens, and aluminum composite panels.  In addition, we have also divided the workload into 2 divisions, Product and Project, to better serve our customer needs.